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Snow Day Adventure

Inspired by historic Ice Age discoveries in Snowmass Village near Aspen Colorado in 2010.

A young American mastodon named SNOWMASTODON wakes to a wintry day. It's a SNOW DAY!" she shouts and leaps outside. Meeting her best friend SLOTH (a Jefferson's ground sloth) they challenge themselves to hike to the top of a tall mountain. With help from her other friends BEAVER (an Ice Age beaver), SALAMANDER (a Tiger salamander) and BISON (an Ice Age Bison), the team reaches the peak and realizes there's more to the journey than they had thought. These adventurous friends then craft skis and snowboards from branches and zip down to be greeted by SNOWMASTODON'S cousin MAMMOTH (a Columbian mammoth) who lovingly carries them home.

An empowering story written by Amiee White Beazley and beautifully illustrated by Paul Antonson. Following the 28 page story there are three pages of educational Ice Age facts and figures that are interesting to kids (and grownups too!). Book dimensions: 9" x 12".

Plush toy - 10" tall and over 12" long

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