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Davis Hill Weather Sticks
Cheaper by the Dozen! Details.



SnowSource Spring Special! $7.50 each and if you buy five or more, we'll throw in an extra stick for FREE. Always in-stock and will be shipped on the next business day. USA shipping is just $2.25 for the first weather stick, only seventy-five cents for each additional one and nothing for a free stick. Only enter the quantity you are paying for. If you're getting a FREE stick we'll automatically include it with your shipment.


We ship weather sticks via USPS to the USA, Canada, the UK and Worldwide!
Not just a conversation piece. They really work. Every weather watcher should have one. Weather sticks tell what the weather is doing. With good weather about they point to the sky and when things aren't so pleasant they point to the ground. We don't know why, but the Old Timers had faith in them and that's good enough for us. They should be mounted outdoors under an eave, on a window frame or on a porch, garage or barn wall; anywhere they can be seen from inside. When first put up they will take a short while to get used to your house. Be patient with them and they will serve you well for a long time. Some sticks have lasted for 15 years.
Where we found them.
We met Bob Hart, proprietor of the Davis Hill Company, at the Stowe Vermont Art and Craft Festival. Bob is conservative and only claims that his weather sticks tell what the weather "is" in his printed marketing material. However, Bob quietly told us that the sticks usually start bending even before weather changes happen.

Where they come from. Weather sticks are balsam fir saplings that have been stripped of their bark and dried. Balsam fir trees tend to grow in sugar maple groves; shading the plastic tubing that is used to collect the maple syrup. (The old-fashioned metal buckets are no longer used). The more shade the slower the syrup flows. So maple sugar farmers need to thin out the balsams on a regular basis. This provides a bountiful "harvest" for the weather stick makers up on Davis Hill.

Cheaper by the dozen! Weather sticks make great gifts, wedding favors, party favors and corporate giveaways. Get a Dozen for just $59.00.

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