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Snow Gauges aka Snowstakes
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Not tall enough for Alta UT...
but perfect for your

Price, shipping and availability. $16.50 plus $3.00 for USA shipping. Contact us for shipping to Canada. We have a few BLUE snow gauges left. GREEN snow gauges are temporarily out-of-stock.
Snow gauge color:

We've done our homework and think we've found the best snow gauge anywhere. Accurately measures fallen snow at depths up to 30". Its large, white 1/2" gradations on a bright blue or green background are designed for easy reading from a distance such as from the window of your cabin, camp or lodge during a raging snowstorm. Its spring steel legs can be easily pushed into soft or frozen ground and will provide adequate support even during blizzard force conditions. The gauge self adjusts by sliding down the legs so it doesn't matter how far you are able to push the legs into the ground. Made in the USA from weather resistant corrugated plastic that will provide years of trouble free use. 

Where to put your snowstake. To consistently get measurements that meet NWS standards, pick a spot that is relatively flat, is sheltered as much as possible from the wind (but not too close to trees) and has indirect sunlight. Avoid places where snow tends to melt (even on cold days) due to direct sun or proximity to buildings.

GIANT 7-foot Snow Gauge


Price, shipping and availability. $15.00 plus $4.50 for USA shipping. Contact us for shipping to Canada. In-stock and will be shipped on the next business day.

EZREAD Rain Gauge
Now available in six cool colors!
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet
Brilliant yellow markings, water magnification and a high visibility float for easy reading up to 50 feet away. DebrisGuard™ funnel prevents leaves and grass clippings from entering. Can be mounted on a post or in the ground using the included rust-resistant expandable metal bracket. Although not clearly visible in the pictures, the bracket has a really nice raised-relief leaf pattern. Jumbo-sized: 20" tall.
Rain gauge color:

Giant 7-foot Snow Gauge with
Brightly colored metal sign mounted on a 7-feet tall 2 x 4 post with hand-painted numerals. Separate ground mounting stake included. $75.00 plus $24.00 to ship this over-sized package to any location in the continental USA. Sorry - not available for delivery to Alaska or Canada. Limited quantities. In-stock and orders placed today will be shipped on the next business day.   

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